The Mosaics are a series of mosaic floors in villas of ancient Roman noblemen. They are some of the finest to be found in the Mediterranean and are a Unesco World Heritage site. The mosaics remained covered until they were restored recently.

The House of Dionysus

Located between the harbour and the lighthouse this Roman villa was unearthed in 1962 and dates back to 2AD. The most important rooms to be seen are:

  • The Room of Narcissus - in the centre of the floor there is an emblem in the form of Narcissus sitting on a rock, close to a spring.
  • The Room of Four Seasons - the four seasons are represented with busts linked with water, leaves, flowers or ears of corn in each corner. Mother earth is in the middle.
  • The Triumph of Dionysus - Dionysus is sitting on a chariot drawn by two panthers followed by a Satyr, goat-footed pan, a naked dark youth and two nymphs.
  • Thisbe and Pyramus - vivid colours showing the love of two youths.

Other rooms include The Room with the Peacock, The Room with Sixteen Square Panels, The Harvest Scenes, Poseidon and Anymone, Hunting scenes, Hippolytus and Phaedra, The hall of geometric decoration, Ganymede and the Eagle.

The house of Theseus

  • Located near the House of Dionysus
  • Theseus killing the Minotaur - Theseus in the middle of the mosaic and ready to hit the minotaur - the half man, half bull - with a club.
  • Achilles Birth - Thetis and Peleus are watching Ambrosia and Anathrope prepare the first bath of Achilles.

The House of Eton

  • Located near to the house of Theseus and Dionysus.
  • The bath of Dionysus - Hermes is holding Dionysus in his lap ready to hand him over to Tropheus and the Nymphs.
  • Leda and the Swan - Leda, accompanied by three girls are ready to take her bath in Evrotas river.
  • Beauty Contest between Cassiopia and Nereids - Cassiopia boasted that she was prettier than the Nereids and was crowned by Crisis.
  • Triumphant procession of Dionysus - the scene shows a chariot led by 2 centaurs.

The House of Orpheus

  • West of the house of Theseus
  • Orpheus and his Lyre - Orpheus, seated on a rock, plays his lyre.
  • Hercules and the Lion of Nemea - this concerns the first labour of Hercules fighting with the lion of Nemia.
  • The Amazon - the scene depicts an Amazon with her horse.
  • The House of Four Seasons
  • Located north of the house of Orpheus
  • The building was named because the broken mosaic floor represents the personification of the four seasons.