A select pick of must visit galleries and museums in and around Paphos includes the three main museums in Paphos, the Ethnological Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Museum. 

The Ethnological Museum of Paphos

Located in the village of Geroskipou until 1971 this museum was known as the Folk Art Museum and is probably the richest and best private museum in the whole of Cyprus. Components of the physical and man-made environment, like natural caves, a Hellenistic rock-cut tomb, a terebinth tree and architecture dating back to 1894 have been incorporated into the ethnographic museum. Visitors can see costumes, traditional carved wooden furniture, farming tools and kitchen utensils and artefacts.

The Archaeological Museum

Housed in a modern building at Leoforos Grivas Digenis, it exhibits a vast number of archaeological finds and is worth visiting. The exhibits are set across five chambers are full of interesting exhibits dating from the Neolithic era to the Middle Ages. Exhibits include Bronze ages coins cut from the mint in Paphos, a tombstone with Cypro-syllabic script and a marble body of Aphrodite. The museum is closed until September 2018 due to renovation work.

The Byzantine Museum

Located on Andrea Ioannou, in Paphos this extremely interesting museum lies within the precincts of the Paphos Bishopric. It houses a large number of icons ranging from the 12th to 19th century, collected from churches and monasteries in Paphos. The museum also contains books, firmans, manuscripts, wood carvings and priests uniforms. The museum exhibits over 100 interesting items