This Agreement is between
(1) "You" and
(2) Worldwide Lettings Limited trading as "Cyprus Lettings Group", Postal address - PO Box 61842, 8138 Paphos, Cyprus.

You hereby appoint the Cyprus Lettings Group as your non-exclusive agent to do the following: provide a facility through which you can offer accommodation for holiday letting to guests via the Cyprus Lettings Group websites and for the Cyprus Lettings Group to act on your behalf to accept, confirm, amend, and cancel bookings and to receive and confirm payments, a notice of cancellations and amendments from guests and to accept payments from guests for the accommodation.

Our Charges
Our commission as stated in our acceptance email is charged on the total rental for each booking made by the Cyprus Lettings Group.

Confirmation of booking
All bookings made via the Cyprus Lettings Group with be emailed to you at the time of booking and deemed accepted by you. You will not subsequently re-let the property or make the property unavailable for these dates for any reasons other than those beyond your control. By accepting a booking from the Cyprus Lettings Group you agree to abide by this letting agreement.

You agree and confirm the following:-
(a) that you own the accommodation and/or have full and unrestricted power to enter into this agreement unless otherwise agreed with the Cyprus Lettings Group.
(b) all your property details that have been entered on the Cyprus Lettings Group websites have been checked by you and are up to date, accurate and not misleading in any way whatsoever.
(c) the accommodation will at all times remain of a generally accepted good and clean standard, all appliances in good condition and full working order and safe and hygienic for occupation and use. If this is not the case and the guests are moved to alternative accommodation you will be required to make a refund on a pro-rata basis for the nights the guests did not stay in the property.
(d) your property(s) complies and will at all times comply in full with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice (including EU legislation where applicable) relating to hygiene, fire, safety and other standards for those using the accommodation.
(e) for all bookings of 2 weeks or more, an additional clean set of linen and towels will be left for guests to do their own change, unless confirmed otherwise with the Cyprus Lettings Group.
(f) the accommodation will have an up-to-date information pack with all relevant contact numbers (we will be happy to send you a draft copy).
(g) that you will arrange and pay all cleaning costs associated with the property and that you provide the Cyprus Lettings Group with the contact details of your cleaners and update the Cyprus Lettings Group on any changes to these details.
(h) air-conditioning will be provided and included in the rental cost.
(i) the check-in time will be 2pm and check-out time 11am unless agreed with the Cyprus Lettings Group in advance of the booking.

For all Cyprus Lettings Group bookings, the property manager will deal with any guests' queries directly connected to the property, including call-outs. It is your responsibility to agree to this procedure directly with your appointed property manager. If the property manager does not resolve the issue and as a result the Cyprus Lettings Group have to make a call-out you will be charged 20 euros per call-out plus any additional costs for parts and tradesmen.

Booking Deposit
A non-refundable deposit will be made by the guests to secure the booking. The Cyprus Lettings Group will deposit this in our Barclays Bank client account.

Payment of the balance
The full holiday rental charge less our commission will be paid to you on the Friday following each booking end date. We pay funds in GBP to any UK bank or any other bank and currency of your choice via Western Union. It is your responsibility to check that funds have been received on time and to notify the Cyprus Lettings Group if this is not the case so that this can be corrected with minimum delay. The Cyprus Lettings Group will not be liable for bank charges for late payment.

Cancellation by the guest
 If the guest cancels they forfeit their deposit and this payment will be our commission. If none of the original booking dates that were cancelled is re-let (by ourselves, other agents or by you) or made unavailable by you, then the whole deposit will be paid to you minus the £25 administration fee. If guests cancel within 13 weeks of departure and after paying the balance then you will be paid for this booking as normal.

Cancellation of booking(s) by you for any reason including double-booking but excluding Force Majeure
(a) You will remain liable for the commission the Cyprus Lettings Group was due to earn from that booking. Any payments already received by you in respect of the booking you have cancelled must be promptly returned to the Cyprus Lettings Group.
(b) The Cyprus Lettings Group will try, but is not obliged, to assist the guests in finding an alternative property. You also acknowledge that you shall accept full responsibility for any possible claims for losses and expenses incurred or suffered by a guest arising from your cancellation or effective cancellation of the booking and that the Cyprus Lettings Group shall have no responsibility or liability to the guests for such cancellation whatsoever.

Forced Cancellation
If a booking is cancelled due to Cyprus restrictions or legislation we will contact you separately with the conditions.

Selling Your Property or Marketing Your Property for Long-Term Rental
If you are considering selling or placing your property on a long-term rental you must inform the Cyprus Lettings Group as soon as you decide this.

Repeat Bookings
You agree that the Cyprus Lettings Group will charge our normal commission for any bookings that you make directly with guests who were originally introduced to you by the Cyprus Lettings Group. This will be due 3 months before the booking start date. You agree that if you contact guests who were originally introduced to you by the Cyprus Lettings Group with regards to future bookings or if guests who were originally introduced to you by the Cyprus Lettings Group contact you directly with regards to a booking, you will inform the Cyprus Lettings Group immediately and accept that the Cyprus Lettings Group will charge you the normal commission for the booking.

You agree to indemnify the Cyprus Lettings Group for the full amount of all other sums of whatever nature that the Cyprus Lettings Group incur or becomes responsible for as a result, directly or indirectly, of any breach of this Agreement by you or your representative. This indemnity shall survive and remain in full force and effect after this agreement's termination (for any reason) or expiry.

You hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:
(a) all guests booking the accommodation shall have a direct contract with you and you shall accept liability for that contract.
(b) The Cyprus Lettings Group shall not be liable to you or any guests for any loss or damage whatsoever or howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with this agreement.

A law was passed about self-catering holiday rentals and it is a condition of rental with ourselves that you (the owner) obtain the licence which is valid for 3 years. The details and application form are online on 

It is your responsibility to maintain (at your own cost) a comprehensive insurance policy or policies to cover contents, building and all third-party risks including cover for death, personal injury and illness.

The Cyprus Lettings Group will market your property at agreed rates that reflect the marketplace. It must be agreed that we will not market your property at a rate that is higher than that advertised elsewhere on the internet as this will make the Cyprus Lettings Group uncompetitive in the marketplace. If the Cyprus Lettings Group are contacted by a guest who has booked via our website notifying us of the same property advertised on a different website at a reduced rental, the booking made with the Cyprus Lettings Group will be reduced to the lower rental and the difference in pricing taken from your proportion of the rental. The prices displayed on our website relate to the current 12 months. When a booking date is more than 12 months away an extra 5% per year is added to the rental rate. It is your responsibility to notify the Cyprus Lettings Group of any price increases and whether changes in pricing relate to the month generally or the month for a specific year. All pricing displayed on our website will be honoured by the owner unless an error has been made by the Cyprus Lettings Group.

Occasionally, we may use a photo you have provided of several properties on the same complex to maintain consistency. Our policy is that all properties on the same complex share the best general photos of that complex. By sending photos to the Cyprus Lettings Group, you agree that we can use them in any way that we feel may promote the Cyprus Lettings Group websites.

Damage to the property and its contents
Except in the case of normal wear and tear, the guest will be responsible for making good any damage to the property or its contents which has occurred due to negligence, wilful damage or irresponsible behaviour on the part of those occupying the property and their guests. It is your responsibility to appoint a representative (usually the Property Manager) who is responsible for reporting any damage or loss to the Cyprus Lettings Group. All damage must be reported to the Cyprus Lettings Group within two days of the guests leaving or before new guests arrive if this is sooner, as it is very difficult to justify a charge to a guest if the damage has not been reported before new guests occupy the property. The Cyprus Lettings Group will then investigate so that an additional charge report can be made incorporating costs and photographs if required.

Procedure for claiming the guests
(a) This must be reported to the Cyprus Lettings Group by email within 2 days of the guests leaving or before new guests arrive if this is sooner
(b) The replacement or repair cost must be reported to the Cyprus Lettings Group within 5 days of the guests leaving
(c) The Cyprus Lettings Group with write the Additional Charge Report which must be agreed upon by the owner or owners representative
(d) The Cyprus Lettings Group will then pay you and pursue the money from the guests so that there is no delay in you receiving payment
Please note that unless there are exceptional circumstances the Cyprus Lettings Group will not process a claim if it has been more than two days since the guests vacated

In the unlikely event that we get a complaint about your property or its contents whilst the guests are on holiday, it will be reported to you immediately. Neither the Cyprus Lettings Group nor our representatives are responsible for resolving any problems associated with your property but can provide a quote for additional services if required.

All our properties have a no-smoking policy unless otherwise stated at the property. Guests are informed that smoking is permitted on the balcony and terrace and it is advisable to provide ashtrays for this.

This agreement shall continue in force indefinitely but may be terminated immediately. If terminated by you and you cancel any future bookings you will be liable for our commission due on any cancelled bookings. Once this agreement is terminated the final payment that we make to you for the final four weeks of bookings will be 21 days after the end date of the final booking. The Cyprus Lettings Group reserve the right to terminate this agreement and cancel all future bookings if you fail to comply with this agreement.