Your payment is 100% secure
Established in 2004, Worldwide Lettings Limited are the legal entity for Cyprus Lettings Holiday Rentals. Worldwide Lettings Limited first started operating as a small family run business, and we are proud to still offer the same level of personal service that sees many of our customers return year after year. We pride ourselves on offering you handpicked, quality accommodation, at great prices.
Worldwide Lettings Limited have a dedicated and specialised team in the UK and we have appointed contacts in Cyprus. Your travel documents will have local contact numbers should you need assistance. Worldwide Lettings Limited are committed to delivering the highest level of personal service and our websites have been carefully designed to provide you with all the information you need to book your holiday accommodation online. You can relax in the knowledge that accommodation booked with Worldwide Lettings Limited is fully protected.

All our card processing is made via Barclaycard. When you book holiday accommodation with Worldwide Lettings Limited, the recommended booking agents for Cyprus Lettings Holiday Rentals, you can rest assured that your card payment will be 100% safe. Unlike travel agents and airlines, booking agents are not required to be ABTA and ATOL bonded. Our system enhances credit card protection which provides you with a level of protection relating to payments you make between £100 and £30,000. This applies even if you only pay a portion of the total accommodation cost on your credit card. For example, if you pay £200 deposit on your credit card for an £800 apartment rental and pay the rest via bank transfer, you can still claim the full amount. This protection is free and comes automatically with every credit card.

Worldwide Lettings Limited, and not the property owner, handle all customer payment transactions. Once a payment is received it is deposited into a Barclays Bank client account. Unlike many of our competitors, the property owner is then paid in advance for your holiday rental. This eliminates any risk of the property not having been paid for when you arrive in Cyprus. Worldwide Lettings operate a Barclaycard Merchant account that handles all card transactions. Worldwide Lettings Limited do not record or hold any credit or debit card details, and once you have completed the booking form you will automatically be transferred to Barclays' secure payment platform to make payment. This assurance is something you may not get by booking directly with other companies.

Worldwide Lettings Limited will guarantee the full rental value of any booking made through our booking system with an unlimited rental value, subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

Terms and conditions
1. This guarantee is only in respect of the amount paid through the online booking form for the rental of the property and does not cover the cost of airfares, travel costs and other incidental costs. We recommend separate travel insurance be taken out to cover other travel costs.

2. The guarantee is only to cover the circumstances of fraud in a case where the payments have been made to the owner who subsequently does not make the property available for rent.

3. The guarantee does not cover disputes over the standard of accommodation or any other disputes that arise other than the fraudulent offer to rent a property as above.

Your responsibilities
1. You must have completed our online booking form.

2. You must notify us by email within 24 hours of any cause of a possible claim arising and provide details of any action you have taken.

3. You must document the actions you have taken.

Our responsibilities
On accepting your claim we will immediately provide you with upgraded alternative accommodation or reimburse you the full amount of any booking paid.