The Cyprus Lettings Group do not control late checkouts so please do not email but instead follow the procedure below as this is the only method that a late checkout can be granted.

  1. Check the property available on our website to confirm that there is not a same-day changeover on your booking end date. If there is a same-day changeover your checkout time will be 11am
  2. Call or text the Property Manager between 9am and 5pm no earlier than two days before your booking end date. They will then be able to confirm with you if a late checkout is possible or not.
  3. The charge for a late checkout is €30 payable directly to the Property Manager. If you are only looking for a short extension on your check-out time this charge may be waived but this is at the discretion of the Property Manager.
  4. On very rare occasions a late checkout that has been granted will be withdrawn if a late booking is taken for the day that you depart. If this is the case, any payment you have made for the late checkout will be returned.
  5. If you are a returning guest who has booked with the Cyprus Lettings Group in the past there will be no charge for a late checkout but you must mention this to the Property Manager when you contact them.

If you would like to guarantee a late checkout you will need to book an extra night for the end of your stay. If you have already booked please complete the change of dates section on the Request Form 

If a late checkout is not granted we can recommend using the facilities at Bonamare which is on the airport road only 2km from the airport. They have a shower and changing facility, case storage, a patio area with tables and chairs, and a good amount of shade. There are also steps to the beach where sun loungers and umbrellas are available. For most of the year, they serve food from 10am to midnight. For more details go to Bonamare Beach Bar